Raffles and Auctions


 How do I start playing?

To start playing your favorite raffles and lotteries online, simply sign up to the website with your email address and necessary details. You can sign via Facebook and Google too. After signing up, select your favorite raffle or lottery and enjoy the freedom of being able to play the online, anywhere & anytime.


How will I find out if I win?

The results of the raffle, bid and the online lotteries will be published on the website and the same will be notified to you by mail.


How do I receive my winnings?

The winnings of the raffle and the lotteries will be sent to your bank account or you will be intimated to collect it physically. If you win lotteries, you have to come physically to collect the winnings and it will be transferred after our deductions. Refer the help section for more information.


Do I have to expose my personal details if I win?

It is up to the participant to disclose the personal details. If you wish to keep it anonymous let us know so we do the same. After winning we will ask the same via mail. You can select your choice.


Is there any commission on my winnings?

Yes. We charge commission after claiming the winnings. It is 25% of the total winnings and it includes our commission, service charges and bank transfer fees which is part of the official formalities.


Is there a tax requirement on my winnings?

Yes. You will require to pay taxes which varies in different countries as per government regulations in order to claim your winnings legally in order to ensure responsibility as a citizen.


How do I transfer wins from my account to my bank?

We will do all the necessary to transfer your wins to your bank account after claiming the winnings after verification. Just before transfer to your bank accountwe will deduct 25% of the total winnings and it includes our commission, service charges and bank transfer fees which is part of the official formalities.


How long should it take for my withdrawal to reach my bank account?

Once the withdrawal request is approved, the funds may take up to 7-10 bank days for bank transfers to appear in your bank account after verification and claim procedures. Please contact us if you have not received the amount within this timeframe. We will resolve it as soon.


When are the raffle and lottery results updated on the site?

Raffle and Lottery results are updated on the website immediately following the official draw. To view the results for raffle and lotteries, please visit the Results page.


What do I win through raffles?

You can win Land and properties including flats, villas, residential plots and apartments, Cars, Smart phones, Watches, Tourism Deals, Hotel Stays etc. These will be of premium quality and you can win it from any country. Winnings can be claimed anytime and anywhere. 


Can I play and win from any country?

You can play raffles and lotteries from any country. Your winnings will be transferred to your location. You can bid from any country as well.


How do you transfer the winnings to any country?

We are affiliates and trusted agents of the raffles, bids and lotteries published on our website and applications. We do it in the legal way and abide to all government regulations regarding taxes and transfers of all countries, so it is possible for us to serve any country and its people.


Do you have multi-currencies and multi-language options?

Yes. We have designed the website in a way that all the countries participate and benefit from our raffles, bid and lotteries. We believe in multi-cultural diversity which is crucial.


I received a letter saying I won a prize. Is it a scam?

It would seem unlikely that a letter received from a raffle or lottery without prior participation would contain genuine content. We are familiar with several scam raffles and lotteries, and are introduced to new ones almost every day. We do our best to warn our customers not to get involved with these type of operations.


What do I do if I receive a scam letter?

We wish there were more we could do in order to resolve the problem of scam letters, emails, and phone calls. If you have received a letter, email, or phone call, we recommend referring the matter to local law enforcement authorities.


How can I be sure Wishngrab.com is safe?

We are a respected and reputable raffle, bid and online lottery provider with a proven track record and satisfied customers. We publish our results and testimonies through our website and social media websites like Facebook, Google etc. for you to see, experience and even contact the previous winners. 



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